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Photo courtesy of Laine Torres

Photography was my first career and has been my constant love. Now it's time to share a lifetime of my photographic vision with you. 

I was a 'flower child' of the 70's who blossomed into a passionate learner, world traveler, teacher, business owner, gardener, and environmentalist. 

After graduating with honors from the Academy of Art College in San Francisco in 1978 I opened a photography studio in the old Sears Building on Army Street.


In 1984 I moved to Minneapolis and continued my photo career shooting models, musicians, authors and actors, the Minnesota Opera, the Minnesota Red Cross, the Boys and Girls Club, Girl Scouts, the St Paul Chamber of Commerce (some photographers were disgruntled that a Minneapolis photographer got the job!) and for local publications like the Twin Cities Reader.

A new career beckoned in the late 90's and I segued into residential real estate navigating sellers' markets, buyers' markets, and left just as the market totally tanked. (I have a knack for good timing!)

Susan Nelson_1978 SF Portrait with Camera.jpg

At the start of my real estate career, I was side-lined for several months with cervical cancer. During recovery from surgery, I made 2 forays into the world – to a library and to a bookstore. The books that proverbially fell into my hands were placed in a 2-foot pile by the couch and I learned about Feng Shui, the Law of Attraction, and other empowering topics. From a place of fear and uncertainty, I found powerful tools for personal transformation. 


As it turned out, those tools were transformative for others too! Feng Shui helped my real estate clients sell for a higher price and helped buyers purchase the “right” home. When it was time to shift into yet another career, Feng Shui proved to be the perfect choice. Who doesn’t want to transform their life and home at the same time? 



Soon other services were added to my repertoire, like speaking, Best Life Coaching, and hypnosis. I realize all my careers have revolved around teaching and inspiring others to tap into their inner creative genius, whether coaching a model or a home seller, or providing a weight release program called Thin Begins Within or helping to facilitate personal and career success for many. 

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Susan Nelson_Portrait in Living Room.jpg

Photo courtesy of Laine Torres

And now I am simplifying my offerings. Feng Shui has been a guiding force in my life, and I love sharing it with others. If desired, I include a de-cluttering service to assist those of us who own too much stuff! (Don't we all?)

Shift happens with Feng Shui!

Contact me if these offerings resonate with you. 

As a young girl, my dad taught me to revere nature. This love of nature is reflected in many of my photos. My husband Gregg and I spend part of the year in Tucson, Arizona, and we love to travel. These beautiful locations find their way into my photos too.

I am blessed beyond measure.

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